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X.509 Certificate

Various terminologies play crucial roles, and X.509 certificate is one such term. X.509 is a standard format of a public key certificate. It is widely used in numerous internet protocols, including the Secure Socket Layer (SSL),...   Read More


XSS, often regarded as one of the most rampant and major issues is an abbreviation for Cross-Site Scripting. It is an immensely prevalent vulnerability that affects web applications predominantly, thereby putting website users...   Read More


X.509 is a critical standard used extensively in the realm of cybersecurity and antiviruses. It primarily pertains to the architecture of public key infrastructure (PKI), specifying standard formats for public key certificates,...   Read More

X-Ray Scanners

X-Ray Scanners, a term familiar are specific software designed to peer into a file or a system in order to reveal any hidden malicious programs or vulnerabilities that could be detrimental to the system's health and...   Read More

XMAS scan

The term "XMAS scan" refers to a technique used in computer security. Particularly within the sphere of network security, various scanning methodologies help identify vulnerabilities that could potentially conceivably be...   Read More

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