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Jailbreaking is a term commonly used in the realm of information technology, more specifically within cybersecurity and mobile operating systems. It denotes the process by which certain restrictions and limitations imposed by...   Read More

JavaScript-based Attacks

JavaScript-based attacks refer to intrusive activities made possible through the abuse of JavaScript, a ubiquitous scripting language mainly used for building web pages and applications. These attacks present real threats in the...   Read More

Junk code insertion

In the realm of cybersecurity and antivirus applications, the term "Junk code insertion" refers to a pervasive technique with malicious intentions mostly used by hackers, virus creators, and even by some software developers....   Read More


JavaScript is an essential tool in the world of web development and it dramatically influences cybersecurity and antivirus. Created in the mid-90s by Netscape, JavaScript (JS) was initially created to add interactive features to...   Read More

Junk mail filter

A junk mail filter, often termed as spams filter or anti-spam filter, is a specialized program designed to identify and efficiently manage unwanted electronic messages, generally deemed as "spam," using intricate...   Read More

Jailbreak Detection

Jailbreak Detection is a cybersecurity measure which identifies unauthorized changes to an operating system that could potentially compromise the security safeguards on the device. The term originated in the Apple ecosystem when...   Read More

JSON Web Token

JSON Web Token, abbreviated as JWT, is a technology standard for securely transmitting information between two parties in compact, self-contained and digitally signed computed tokens. The information contained therein adds an...   Read More

JIT (Just-in-time) spraying

Just-In-Time (JIT) spraying is a relatively new and innovative technique in the intriguing world of cybersecurity. Although used for nefarious purposes by cybercriminals, JIT spraying arises from efficiencies gained in just in...   Read More

Java exploits

Java exploits refer to the specific types, forms, or instances of cyber-attacks that take advantage of vulnerabilities present in various Java applications. It is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of security threats...   Read More

JIT spray

JIT Spraying is a computer attack method that capitalizes on security vulnerabilities within web-application and proficient browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It became prevalent in the cybersecurity landscape...   Read More

JIT Hardening

JIT hardening is a cybersecurity and antivirus principle progressively gaining attention for its effectiveness in safeguarding computer systems from vulnerabilities that hackers may exploit. The abbreviation "JIT" stands for...   Read More

Junk Files

Junk files are a type of useless data or remnants of data that automatically get stored on your system while performing various digital tasks. These might include Internet history, temporary files, system or software installation...   Read More

Junk file remover

In the milieu of cybersecurity and antivirus software, a resource referred to as a "junk file remover" is instrumental for the efficient operation of personal computing devices. By understanding the role and importance of a junk...   Read More

Junk Mail Prevention

Junk mail prevention, with is an enormously critical issue that involves methods or technologies aimed at reducing unwanted or unsolicited emails. This is often called spam, which includes misleading advertising, phishing scams,...   Read More


JS is an abbreviation referring to JavaScript, a popular high-level programming language used primarily for enhancing web pages to provide more interactive user experiences. This programming language, while invaluable in its...   Read More


JScript is a scripting language developed by Microsoft primarily for use in Internet Explorer. It is based on the JavaScript scripting language, reminiscent of the Java and JavaScript languages, and adheres largely to the...   Read More


Known as Joint Photographic Experts Group, JPEG is a file format extensively used for compression and storage of digital images. The prevalence of JPEG format is due to its ability to deliver quality images while maintaining a...   Read More

Junk mail

Junk mail, often defined as unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email or delivered through post, has been a long-standing issue in our communication lines, clogging up inboxes and presenting challenges to the users. These...   Read More

Junk Code

Junk code refers to the padding sections of a computer program, or lines of code that look like normal functional code but in real practical application, does not offer any significant functions or operations. Although the term...   Read More

JavaScript blocking

JavaScript is an essential tool in today's internet landscape. It brings dynamic features to websites and allows for complex web interactions. the same power and flexibility make it an attractive vector for various kinds of...   Read More

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