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"Quarantine" in the world of cybersecurity represents a distinctly crucial technique to systematically identify, manage, and adequately resolve any potential threats that might jeopardize the safety and integrity of a system or...   Read More

Quantum encryption

Quantum encryption is a cutting-edge technique rooted in the fundamental laws of physics. It uses the principles of quantum mechanics to secure data and protect against malicious attacks. it marks the backbone of a sought-after...   Read More

Quantum key distribution

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a method used in cybersecurity for secure communication by producing a random secret key shared by two or more parties involved in the communication. The main distinguishing feature that makes it...   Read More


"Qakbot" is a term that is quite central in cybersecurity and antivirus discussions. It is a highly malevolent self-propagating Trojan, capable of data theft and powerful enough to disable the security framework in computer...   Read More

Quid pro quo scams

Quid pro quo scams are deceptive strategies utilized by cybercriminals that involve an exchange of something desired for the victim's personal information or valuable data, typically with a perceived benefit that often never...   Read More

Quantum computing

Quantum computing can be described as the area of study focused on unique computer-based technology. Built on the principles of quantum mechanics, it uses its natural phenomena in the realms of superposition and entanglement to...   Read More

Quarantine Management

Quarantine Management is a common term used in various fields that generally refers to strict isolation to avoid the spread of diseases. with quarantine management takes on a different meaning but somewhat serves the same...   Read More

Quid pro quo

Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase that means "something for something" or "this for that". quid pro quo refers to a type of socially engineered attack where a hacker offers a beneficial service or good in return for valuable...   Read More

Quick Scans

Quick Scans refer to a streamlined cybersecurity process designed with the intent to identify potential threats proactively, confined to certain critical sections within a computing system that are most infectious. Given that our...   Read More

Quick Scan

Quick scan is a specific type of scanning feature present in many antivirus and cybersecurity softwares, aimed to ensure the safety and integrity of data in a device or network. Unlike other more extensive types of scans like...   Read More

Quarantined Files

Quarantined files, in the context of cybersecurity and antivirus software, are files that have been isolated and removed due to their presumed or confirmed threat to the proper functioning of a computer or an overall network....   Read More

Quarantine Folder

The term "Quarantine Folder" is thrown around quite frequently in the realm of cybersecurity. not everyone understands its key role in preserving the sanctity of their computer systems, or how it works to prevent malicious...   Read More

Quick installation

Quick installation is a simplified process of setting up, configuring, and running an application software on a user's device, even in cybersecurity. Quick installation is designed to reduce the amount of time it might...   Read More

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