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Exfiltration of data, also known as data exfiltration, is the unauthorized transfer of sensitive or confidential data from one system to another, either within an organization or to an external destination...In simpler terms,...   Read More


Exploits are one of the most common and dangerous methods used by hackers to penetrate and compromise a computer system. exploits represent a constant threat for individuals, businesses and organizations, with potentially...   Read More

Exploit kit

Exploit kit has become a popular term in the world of cybersecurity in recent times. Exploit kits refer to a set of cyber criminal activities that take advantage of vulnerability installations on a person's computer or system....   Read More

Encryption Algorithms

Encryption algorithms are an integral part of the cybersecurity world. They are designed to secure sensitive data that individuals and organizations transmit over the internet, mobile devices and computers. Encryption algorithms...   Read More


With technology advancing so rapidly, Cybersecurity threats and exploits have become a top priority for individuals and organizations. An exploit is a set of instructions or code used by hackers for taking...   Read More


In the fast-paced and interconnected world of today, cybersecurity has become one of the most challenging and complex issues faced by governments, industries, businesses, and individuals alike. With the advent of internet...   Read More

Email Spoofing

Email spoofing is a popular technique used by cybercriminals to send emails using fake identities and false sender addresses to deceive recipients and gain their trust. Email spoofing can be defined as the careful manipulation of...   Read More

Endpoint protection

Endpoint protection refers to a suite of security technologies that is deployed to protect networked devices that are endpoints, or points of entry. Endpoints can range from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to laptops...   Read More

Email Security

Email has become the quintessential communication tool used by almost everyone, and an estimated 306.4 billion emails are sent and received every day worldwide. with the increased dependence on email comes an even greater risk of...   Read More

Encryption Key

An encryption key is a critical component of encryption algorithms used to secure transmitted data. Encryption key can be broadly defined as a string of bits that determine the level of security of each encrypted data with a...   Read More

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a key security solution employed by modern organizations to combat cybersecurity threats. The EDR technology helps organizations detect and respond to threats at the endpoint or endpoint...   Read More

Endpoint security

Endpoint Security refers to the practice of protecting the various endpoints of a network from cyber threats and attacks. In today's technological era where dependency on digital mediums has become an integral part of a business,...   Read More

Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)

The Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) is a protocol used in network security that enables flexible and efficient authentication of users to access a secure network, such as Wi-Fi, virtual private networks (VPNs), and...   Read More

Exploit protection

Exploit protection, also known as exploit mitigation, is a cybersecurity technique that is used to protect computer systems against attacks that leverage vulnerabilities in software applications. These attacks are known as...   Read More

Email filtering

Email filtering is a cybersecurity process that involves the use of filtering software to prevent unwanted and potentially harmful emails from entering the recipient's inbox. This process is critical as emails remain one of the...   Read More

Email protection

Email has revolutionized the way we communicate, making it much faster, easier, and more convenient. Whether used for internal or external correspondence, emails contain valuable information, private data, and sensitive business...   Read More

Exploit Blocker

In the realm of cybersecurity and antivirus software, the term "exploit blocker" refers to a proactive security feature designed to detect and prevent malicious attacks that target known vulnerabilities in software applications....   Read More

Email account theft

Email account theft is a type of cybercrime whereby an attacker gains unauthorized access to someone else's email account for the purpose of obtaining sensitive and confidential information. With the exponential increase in...   Read More

Email encryption

Email encryption is a process of securing email messages that are transmitted between two or more parties using any email system or application. Email encryption uses advanced encryption technologies and algorithms designed to...   Read More

Email quarantine

Email Quarantine Explained in Context of Cybersecurity and Antivirus..Email quarantine refers to a process used to isolate or hold email messages suspected of containing malicious attachments, links, or content that might harm...   Read More

Email scams

Email scams, or phishing, is a cybersecurity threat that uses the method of sending fake emails that appear legitimate but are designed to deceive the recipient into divulging sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords,...   Read More

Email scanning

Email scanning is a fundamental aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus software, which helps to protect against the various email threats that occurs frequently. It refers to the process of analyzing all incoming and outgoing...   Read More

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a highly secure method of communication used to protect sensitive information, files or messages when transferring from one device to another over the internet. The encryption process involves the...   Read More

Exploit Blocking

Exploit blocking is a critical feature that plays a vital role in modern antivirus solutions. The explosive growth of information technology means that we rely on networks, devices, and a range of applications to perform various...   Read More

Exploit Mitigation

Exploit mitigation is a term that is frequently used in the realm of cybersecurity when discussing measures that can be used to prevent and protect against cyber-attacks that make use of software vulnerabilities. The goal of...   Read More

Exploit Prevention

As the world becomes more and more digitalized, cybersecurity takes on an even greater importance in our daily lives. Every year, we hear about major cyber-attacks and data breaches, such as the Ransomeware attack that hit...   Read More

Endpoint detection and response

Endpoint Detection and Response, usually abbreviated as EDR, is a type of cybersecurity technology that focuses on detecting and responding to threats originating from endpoints such as laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile...   Read More

Endpoint Hardening

Endpoint Hardening, in the context of cybersecurity and antivirus, refers to the process of securing and protecting endpoint devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, servers, and other devices connected to a network....   Read More

Exploit development

Exploit development refers to the process of creating and fine-tuning exploits, which are pieces of code or software that can take advantage of a vulnerability in a system, application, software, or device. The exploitation of a...   Read More

Email Gateway Security

Email Gateway Security: A Comprehensive Overview on Enhancing Cybersecurity through Antivirus..Email security is a vital aspect of data protection and cybersecurity. The increased reliance on email communication channels has...   Read More

Ease of use

Ease of use is a critical factor that must be considered when choosing antivirus software to protect your devices from various cyber threats. Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important, given the scale and...   Read More

Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is a widely used public key encryption method that offers superior security protection to modern-day cyber-threats. It is a complex yet effective algorithmic function that relies on the...   Read More

Electronic Codebook (ECB)

In the world of security, Electronic Codebook (ECB) is a cryptography method that is often used to secure digital data. ECB is one of the simplest modes of asymmetric data encryption, and it's popularly used in antivirus software...   Read More

Encryption Algorithm

Encryption algorithms are a crucial component of cybersecurity and antivirus protection. Simply put, encryption algorithms are a mathematical process used to scramble data so that it becomes unreadable or incomprehensible to...   Read More


The term evade refers to a technique that cybercriminals use to bypass security measures and avoid detection. It is a tactic that is particularly effective against antivirus software and other security tools that are designed to...   Read More

Email phishing

Cybercrime has become increasingly sophisticated, particularly in the realm of email phishing. Email phishing is a type of cybercrime that employs deceiving emails and click-bait links to trick recipients into divulging personal,...   Read More


EXPL, short for exploit, is a term commonly associated with the realm of cybersecurity and antivirus. An exploit can be defined as any technique, technology, or code designed to take advantage of a software vulnerability for...   Read More

Email attachments

With the increase in digital communication, email has become a popular means of transmitting information. as the amount of email traffic has increased, so has the prevalence of email-based threats such as malware, spam, and...   Read More

Executable Analysis

Executable analysis is an important aspect of cybersecurity which involves the process of scanning an executable file to determine whether the file contains malicious code that can harm a computer system or network. In other...   Read More

Exploit Kits

The increased use of the internet has given rise to manifold risks to digital security for individuals and organizations. The internet has, no doubt, made a huge breakthrough in the sector of communication and technology, but in...   Read More

Exploit kit detection

Exploit kit detection is a crucial component of cybersecurity and antivirus software that is responsible for safeguarding computer systems and networks against malicious attacks. Essentially, exploit kits are software tools that...   Read More

Encryption Software

Encryption Software in the Context of Cybersecurity and Antivirus..In today’s world, cyber crime and information theft are an ever-evolving threat. Banking information, personal data, and confidential business files could be...   Read More

Electronic Signature

As we increasingly rely on digital communication and transactions, the need for secure and efficient methods of signing digital documents and agreements has become more important than ever. One solution tainting popularity is...   Read More

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)

Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is a public-private key encryption method that uses elliptic curves to create secure communications. It is a modern cryptographic technique that offers greater security than the traditional RSA...   Read More

Encryption Strength

Encryption strength is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus software. It refers to the level of security provided by an encryption algorithm or technology in terms of the ability to resist hacking and...   Read More

Executable file encryption

In today's dynamic and fast-paced digital environment, cybersecurity has become a critical aspect of any organization's operations. Cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, and other malicious software pose a serious threat to...   Read More


Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important aspect of digital life. From personal identity theft to company data breaches, cybercriminals are constantly devising new methods to exploit vulnerabilities. While antivirus...   Read More

Encryption key management

Encryption Key Management: Understanding its importance in Cybersecurity and Antivirus..Cybersecurity has always been a significant concern for businesses and governments around the world. Networks, applications, and...   Read More

Encrypted communication

For years, encrypted communication has been hailed as one of the most foolproof ways to protect sensitive information and messages since digital technology has taken over the world. At its core, encrypted communication is simply...   Read More

Endpoint Encryption

Endpoint Encryption in Cybersecurity and Anti-virus..Data security is crucial in today’s world of rapid technological development and the vast usage of personal and sensitive information on multiple devices. Endpoint...   Read More

Encrypted Voice calls

With the rising use of online communication, people across the globe are now looking for secure channels that protect them from eavesdropping, intercepting, and tracking. Encrypted voice calls have emerged among the most secure...   Read More

Encrypted Video calls

Encrypted video calls refer to a type of secure communication that involves video conferencing where the audio-visual signals are encrypted with cryptographic algorithms to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing them. The...   Read More


The world's increasing reliance on digital technologies has brought with it a whole new generation of security threats. Cybercrime has become one of the most pressing challenges in the modern age, and antivirus companies are...   Read More


Extraction is broadly defined as the process of identifying or removing files from a computer system, network, or device. extraction commonly refers to the practice of retrieving or isolating malicious code or files from a...   Read More


Encoding, in the context of cybersecurity and antivirus, is the process of transforming data into a format that is not readable to humans, but still understandable by computers. Reverse engineering encoded data requires...   Read More

Encrypted data

The term "encrypted data" is often used to describe data that has been protected from unauthorized access or perception. Encryption involves using mathematical algorithms to modify data such that only authorized entities can...   Read More


Eavesdropping is a form of cyberattack where an attacker attempts to intercept private communications or data being exchanged between two entities, such as two computers on a network or two people talking in person. This can be...   Read More

Endpoint Compromise

Endpoint compromise is a term used in the cybersecurity domain to describe a situation where an attacker has gained control of a targeted device or system, such as a computer or mobile device. Endpoint compromise typically...   Read More

Electronic Signing

Electronic signing, also known as e-signing, is a technology that facilitates the process of signing legal documents or agreements remotely, securely, and digitally. It allows individuals and organizations to sign, send and...   Read More

Encryption decryption

Encryption Decryption in Cybersecurity and Antivirus..As technology advances, cybersecurity becomes ever more critical, but data loss, phishing, identity theft, and even ransomware attacks are becoming more common. One popular,...   Read More


cybersecurity has become of great importance to individuals, organizations, and governments alike. With the increasing number of cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, there is a great...   Read More

Extended Validation Certificate

There is a technology that poses as a useful tool in recognizing safe and trustworthy websites from malicious ones. These tools are called Extended Validation (EV) Certificates. EV Certificates form part of the protocol for...   Read More

Email scam

As the world continues to rapidly advance in digital technology, cybersecurity remains a critical issue that requires constant attention. Daily, we rely on the internet to carry out transactions, exchange important information,...   Read More

Email authentication

As the reliance on electronic communication has increased over the years, so has the risk of identity theft, email hacking, and other forms of cybercrime. This has led to the emergence of email authentication, a technique used to...   Read More

Exclusion list

An exclusion list refers to a list of files, folders, processes, or other components on a computer system that are designated as "safe" and therefore excluded from security scans, monitoring, or other protective measures. This...   Read More

Email Headers

Emails have become one of the primary methods of communication for individuals and organizations alike. With the vast amount of personal, business and sensitive information shared over email, there is the constant risk that these...   Read More

Email Fraud

Email communication has become essential in modern-day personal and business interactions, transforming the ways in which people maintain contact and exchanging information. It has greatly transformed the way...   Read More

Email Spoof Attack

In today's fast-paced digital world, email communication is a common and convenient method of communication for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Unfortunately, it has become the perfect weapon for cyber attackers. One...   Read More

Email filter

Email filters are technology solutions developed to enhance cybersecurity by blocking spam emails, filtering malware, viruses, and phishing scams, and keeping sensitive email correspondence confidential. They are a fundamental...   Read More

Email Reputation

Email Reputation in Cybersecurity and Antivirus..As the digital age progresses, electronic mail or email continues to be an indispensable part of how we communicate and share information. It provides a fast and convenient way...   Read More

Encrypted Traffic Visibility

Encrypted Traffic Visibility: The Vital Component to Efficient Cybersecurity in Anti-virus..Cybersecurity remains a major concern for businesses with the increase in digital transformation that enables companies with the...   Read More

Exploit testing

Exploit testing, also known as exploitability testing, is a vital aspect of cybersecurity where security professionals test systems to identify vulnerabilities that hackers can leverage to access, delete or modify sensitive...   Read More

Email Privacy

Email has become one of the primary modes of communication. With the increase in the number of emails sent and received every day, email privacy has become a significant concern. Cybersecurity and antivirus have become crucial...   Read More

Emotet Trojan

Emotet Trojan is one of the most notorious banking malwares and advanced information stealing Trojans which has been in operation since 2014. According to cybersecurity experts' analysis, Emotet is a prevalent threat to global...   Read More

Email worm

In the age of technology, email has become an essential communications tool for businesses and individuals alike. Email worms are a type of malware that specifically target email communications to spread to as many users as...   Read More

Email spam detector

As the field of cybersecurity continues to evolve, new solutions emerge regularly. One such solution is the email spam detector, which helps organizations to minimize the risk of phishing, malware, and other cyber attacks. This...   Read More

Email header analysis

Communication via email is one of the most common ways that people interact with each other, either in their personal or professional lives. despite popularity, email communication has become a prime target for attacks from...   Read More

Email traffic statistics

In a cybersecurity standpoint, email traffic statistics can be defined as the data and information available after analyzing the traffic data of an email infrastructure. Given that email is one of the most common and fundamental...   Read More

Encryption Analysis

Encryption is a technique whereby data is transformed into an unreadable form, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data. Encryption analysis is a process by which cybersecurity...   Read More


An endpoint can be considered the term used to represent any device or managing software, such as an application or operating system, in specific computing network or environment that can be traced and tracked. Endpoints come in...   Read More

Evil twin attack

An Evil Twin is an attack technique used by hackers to steal sensitive information from targeted individuals or groups. They create a new network that mimics the legitimate network of the intended victim, and trick them into...   Read More

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate – Enhancing Cybersecurity and Trust..As digitalization and e-commerce trends continue to develop, ensuring cybersecurity and trust in online activities becomes paramount. Cybercriminals...   Read More

Enterprise Security

With increased reliance on technology and the growth of digital businesses, security has become a great concern for enterprises. Cybersecurity threats have grown exponentially, with businesses experiencing various forms of...   Read More

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a technology used to monitor and record the electrical activity of the brain. Since the brain generates electrical signals during its normal functioning, these signals can be measured to understand...   Read More

Email security solutions

Email Security Solutions: Protecting Individuals and Businesses against Cyber Threats..Over the years, email has become an increasingly popular form of digital communication. Billions of emails are sent and received every day....   Read More

Encryption Detection

Encryption detection is a process used by cybersecurity professionals to identify encrypted data in network traffic that may pose a threat to systems, networks, or data. Encryption is a technique used to protect sensitive...   Read More

Email Analysis

Email Analysis refers to the practice of evaluating and scrutinizing email communication for the purpose of identifying, responding to, and preventing cybersecurity threats through the use of antivirus software. The increasing...   Read More

E-commerce fraud

Electronic commerce (e-commerce), the buying, selling and exchanging of goods and services online, has seen a steady growth throughout the years. With the convenient access to the internet almost everything these...   Read More

External Hard Drive Backup

With the ever-increasing need to protect data, individuals and organizations have come up with various defensive mechanisms. In this digital age, data loss is not only frustrating, but it could lead to costly...   Read More

Encrypted Messaging

In today's digitally interconnected world, cybersecurity has emerged as a pressing concern over the years with several companies investing huge amounts of resources to mitigate its harmful effects. In this scenario, it is vital...   Read More

Eavesdropping prevention

Eavesdropping prevention is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus protection. Simply put, eavesdropping refers to intercepting and capturing private information transmitted through electronic communication channels. It...   Read More

External Hard Drive Recovery

As our dependence on technology and digital data continues to increase, it's becoming more imperative to secure and protect those valuable assets. Businesses, governments, and individuals alike store vast amounts of information...   Read More

Email recovery

With the increasing use of technology to transmit sensitive data, the security of emails has become one of the most significant challenges in cybersecurity. Email recovery is an essential process that helps...   Read More

Encrypted Data Recovery

Cybersecurity has become increasingly important due to the growing number of cyber attacks all around the world. This has led many companies and individuals to look for better ways to protect their sensitive data. One of the many...   Read More

Emergency Data Recovery

In today's digital era, the world is facing more cybersecurity threats than ever before. Cyber threats are found to be targeting individuals, governments, and organizations. Among various security threats leading to data loss,...   Read More

Exploit detection

"Exploit detection" is a term that has gained prominence in recent years in the context of cybersecurity and antivirus. At its core, exploit detection is a technique that helps security professionals and cybersecurity tools...   Read More

Email Signing

Email signing, in cybersecurity and antivirus context, refers to the process of adding digital signatures to emails. It involves adding cryptographic information to validate the identity of the email sender and ensure that the...   Read More

Emergency Response

Emergency response is a critical element of any cybersecurity or antivirus strategy. It refers to the set of policies, procedures, and actions taken by an organization in response to a cyber attack or virus infection. The goal of...   Read More

End-entity Certificates

An End-entity certificate, also known as client certificate, refers to a digital certificate issued to a specific entity that acts as proof of identity for that entity. This kind of certificate is used in the context of public...   Read More

E-mail Protection

With the explosion of digital communication over the past two decades, email has become a ubiquitous part of daily life. People use email for everything from casual conversation to important business transactions. Along with this...   Read More


protecting networks and the information they contain is of utmost importance. One way to do this is through the use of EAP-TLS, which is an authentication protocol used for wireless networks. This protocol helps...   Read More


Extended Authentication Protocol Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2 (EAP-MSCHAPv2) is a mutual authentication protocol that functions as a highly secure data encryption tool within contemporary...   Read More


The world of cybersecurity and antivirus is constantly evolving and developing, as online threats continue to pose increasing levels of risk to individuals, businesses, and organizations. As a result, it is essential that all...   Read More


EAP-SIM, also known as Extensible Authentication Protocol- Subscriber Identity Module, is a wireless authentication method commonly used in the context of cybersecurity and antivirus software. It is a security protocol that...   Read More


EAP-AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement) is a security protocol primarily used in the domain of wireless networks to secure communication between the user's device and the network infrastructure. This protocol comes under the...   Read More


EAP-IKEv2 is a protocol utilized primarily in cybersecurity to improve the security posture of an organization and is also considered as one of the essential components of most antivirus measures. As a protocol, it provides a...   Read More

Event Management

Event management is a process used in various fields to oversee and coordinate all the tasks required for the successful execution of a planned event. This process includes setting objectives, identifying resources, creating a...   Read More


Endpoint Detection and Response, or EDR for short, is a cybersecurity buzzword that has gained a lot of attention over the years. EDR refers to a set of security solutions designed to detect and respond to potential malicious...   Read More


As technology advancements have made our digital world more interconnected, our reliance on technology has increased over the years. with technological advancements come new and increasingly complex cybersecurity threats. While...   Read More

Encryption Standards

Encryption Standards: The Fundamental Building Blocks of Cybersecurity and Antivirus..When cyber attacks are on the rise, and valuable assets are at risk, encrypting data remains the most reliable security step for every...   Read More

Encrypted Drives

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical aspects to consider for businesses and individuals alike. One of the crucial components of robust cybersecurity is data protection. The confidential information and data that individuals...   Read More

Email Antivirus

In the modern world where conducting business requires, as a norm, the use of electronic communication, email has proven to be one of the most excellent communication ways people use to send and receive messages....   Read More

Employee Monitoring

What is Employee Monitoring in the Context of Cybersecurity and Antivirus?..Employee monitoring, also known as managed security services, is a form of tracking employees and their activities while they work. This monitoring...   Read More


Evasi0n is a jailbreak tool designed specifically for iOS, the proprietary mobile operating system that is installed on Apple's iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. It is developed by a group of well-known hackers in the...   Read More

Email monitoring

Email Monitoring: An Overview on Cybersecurity and Antivirus..The need for a secure and responsive email communication system has always remained pivotal in modern day work ethics. Especially, in the cyber-centric paradigms of...   Read More

Event correlation

Event correlation is an essential concept in the cybersecurity industry, particularly when it comes to antivirus software. It is the process of analyzing large volumes of data, such as network traffic logs, security events, and...   Read More

Exploit Analysis

Exploit Analysis in Cybersecurity and Antivirus..Exploit analysis is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus operations, providing security experts with a deep understanding of vulnerabilities and the methods attackers...   Read More

Email spam

Email spam, also known as unsolicited bulk email (UBE), refers to the practice of sending unwanted and irrelevant email messages, often at scale, to a large number of recipients. The objective of email spammers is typically...   Read More


An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient's medical history, which includes a wealth of important medical information. Proper management of EHR systems is key in healthcare setting to achieve multiple...   Read More

Electronic Health Records

The healthcare industry has undergone a major transformation over the past decade with advancements in technology and the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR). Electronic Health Records have become a...   Read More

Executable Code

“Executable code” is a term that refers to executable files that contain a set of instructions or programming code that can be run by a computer or other electronic device. The term is widely used in the context of computer...   Read More

Exploit Techniques

Exploit techniques refer to the methods used by attackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities or weaknesses in computer systems and software to gain access or control over them. exploit techniques are a major concern, as they...   Read More

Execution Control

Execution control is a powerful feature in cybersecurity and antivirus software that allows for advanced control over the way applications are executed on a user’s computer. Essentially, this feature aims to address the...   Read More

Exception handling

Exception handling is a programming mechanism that allows for detection, diagnosis, and resolution of errors that might occur during the execution of a software program. It is an essential aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus as...   Read More


EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer) is an advanced form of SSL security which is designed to make online transactions more secure. It is a type of digital certificate that provides stronger encryption and advanced...   Read More


With the rise of technology evolving at a rapid pace, many people are becoming more concerned about cybersecurity and their personal information. To counter this concern, companies that issue debit and credit...   Read More

Electronic ID

In today’s world, electronic identification (eID) is no longer a far-fetched idea. Instead, electronic identification comes as a reimagining of traditional methods of identification. According to cybersecurity experts across...   Read More

Email Shielding

Email Shielding: Enhancing Cybersecurity and Antivirus Protection..In today's digital era, email remains the most common communication tool worldwide. Individuals, businesses, and governments rely on email to share information,...   Read More

Executable Protection

Computer systems are designed to process and execute instructions, commonly referred to as executable files. While these files are essential for the functioning of a system, they can also be a vector for malware attacks that pose...   Read More

Event Logging

Event Logging in Cybersecurity and Antivirus..Event logging is an essential feature in cybersecurity and antivirus technology that records the activities occurring on a system or network. Event logging serves as a key...   Read More


Encryption and decryption stand at the heart of cybersecurity and antivirus. In the digital age, sensitive information is constantly being transmitted over the internet, be it personal banking data or confidential business...   Read More

Encrypted Backup

As we continue to rely more heavily on digital technology, the importance of protecting sensitive data from cybercriminals only intensifies. Malicious actors are constantly developing new strategies to gain access to this data,...   Read More

Emergency Antivirus Disk

With the increasing number of cyber threats like malware, viruses, and ransomware attacking internet users regular cybersecurity measures have become insufficient in protection, leading developers and cybersecurity professionals...   Read More

Email Scans

Email Scans: Understanding this Critical Cybersecurity Practice..Cybersecurity is one of the most important issues facing the world today. As more and more of our personal and financial information is stored electronically,...   Read More

Encrypted Keystrokes

Encrypted keystrokes refer to a security mechanism used to protect sensitive information as it is transmitted across the internet. Keystrokes are the individual keys that are pressed on a keyboard to create a message or perform...   Read More

Executable Control

As we all know, the field of cybersecurity is constantly changing and evolving. Technology threats such as malware, ransomware and spam are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. One of the critical approaches to combat...   Read More

Ensemble Learning

Ensemble learning is a machine learning technique that combines multiple models to enhance accuracy and overall performance. ensemble learning can be applied to antivirus software to improve the ability to detect and prevent...   Read More

Email archiving

Email archiving is a process of saving emails in an organized and easily searched manner, generally for the purposes of compliance, records management, or litigation support. With the tremendous growth of email communications and...   Read More

Email Spoofing Prevention

Email Spoofing Prevention: Your First Step in Cybersecurity..In today’s digital age, businesses and organizations rely heavily on email communications - and so do malicious actors who attempt to breach their systems. These...   Read More

Email Continuity

Email continuity is a term used to describe a service or feature that enables the continuous delivery of emails to the intended recipients even in the event of a disruption or failure of communication channels, such as a server...   Read More

Enhanced performance

"Enhanced performance" in the context of cybersecurity and antivirus refers to a suite of features that optimize the performance of an antivirus software to improve its user experience, increase detection capabilities, and...   Read More

Encrypted storage

Encrypted storage is a method of securing digital data at rest by transforming it into an unreadable format using encryption techniques. Encryption involves the use of complex mathematical algorithms to scramble information in a...   Read More

Emergency access

Cybersecurity is a major concern for individuals and organizations in today's digital landscape. Businesses rely on secure networks to keep their sensitive information and data protected from potential external threats. To...   Read More

Executable File Analysis

Executable file analysis is a crucial process utilized by security experts to identify, detect, and prevent malicious software from infecting computers. It involves inspecting and breaking down the binary code of an executable...   Read More

Email Virus Filter

In today's interconnected world, email has become an integral part of our daily lives. it is also a major gateway for cybercriminals to attack and gain unauthorized access to personal and sensitive data. An email virus filter is...   Read More

Executable packing

Executable packing, also known as application or binary packing, refers to the process of compressing or encrypting an executable file in order to disguise its true contents from detection by security programs...Executable...   Read More

Exfiltration Techniques

Exfiltration techniques are a critical component of cybersecurity that pertain to information security. A lot of information technology-based organizations boast advanced antivirus mechanisms that safeguard the assets of...   Read More

Email File Attachments

Email file attachments are one of the most and commonly used methods of sharing files and data between individuals and businesses worldwide. It is a feature that has been integrated into email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail,...   Read More

Email spoofing protection

Email spoofing is a reason of cyber security that is consistently evolving, email spoofing is the process in which an email message is disguised as being sent by someone else, mainly with the intent of fraudulently obtaining...   Read More

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the capability of transmitting emails efficiently to their recipients' inboxes. The term refers to the process of ensuring that emails are sent, received, opened and engaged with by the intended...   Read More

Email Authentication Standards

Email is one of the most widely used communication channels across the globe. It has made communication much more efficient, fast and hassle-free. Emails are being used for everything from personal to business communication, and...   Read More

Email Fraud Protection

Email fraud has become increasingly prevalent in the digital age where email is often used as the primary means of communication and business transactions. This is where Email Fraud Protection comes in - an essential...   Read More

Email Relay

Email relay is a popular topic of discussion. Email relay refers to the process of sending emails from one mail server to another. When this process takes place between trusted servers, it can foster an improved collaboration...   Read More


Excel: The Backbone of Organized Data ..Excel is a powerful tool that has full authority over the creation of various spreadsheets managing electronic data. Microsoft Corporation has introduced the first spreadsheet to the...   Read More


EXE stands for "executable" file and is a common file format used in cybersecurity that has been introduced with Windows operating systems to load and run applications. The format has opened up new avenues for software...   Read More

Email Validation

Email has been a revolutionary technological tool that has greatly simplified communication within both personal and professional environments. the advent of email also brought with it the insidious problem of spam, phishing, and...   Read More

Email Trust

Email communication has been become an essential daily activity for a vast majority of individuals and organizations worldwide, particularly in the business world where email correspondence is the primary means through which...   Read More

Email Fraud Prevention

Email fraud prevention is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus protection. Email fraud occurs when an individual or a group of individuals create fake emails, misleading the users to follow them and trick them into...   Read More

Email Header

As we increase our reliance on digital communication, the importance of cybersecurity and antivirus software has become increasingly important. One aspect of digital communication that plays a crucial role in keeping us secure is...   Read More

Email Domain

Email Domain in Cybersecurity..In today’s digital world, email has become a popular medium of electronic communication that connects the individuals globally. With every passing day, its use has grown exponentially. Be it...   Read More

Email Verification

Email verification is an important cybersecurity measure that is commonly used by antivirus software and other security programs. The verification process helps to confirm the identity of the sender and prevents malware or other...   Read More

Email Scam Prevention

Email scam prevention is an essential aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus strategies. The increasing digitalization of personal and business communication channels has rapidly increased the amount of sensitive information being...   Read More

Email Forgery

Email forgery, also known as email spoofing, is a type of cyber-attack that involves the creation of fraudulent emails purporting to originate from a legitimate source. The objective of email forgery is to deceive the recipient...   Read More

Excel files

Excel files are one of the most commonly used types of files in businesses today. They are used for data analysis, financial modeling, project management, and many other purposes. Excel files are created using Microsoft Excel, a...   Read More

Email filters

Email is among the oldest forms of online communication. Despite this, it continues to hold its ground as one of the top channels for business and personal communication through the internet. within the simplicity of an email,...   Read More

Email forwarding

Email forwarding is a commonly used feature where incoming emails are automatically forwarded to another email address. This feature is essentially used by businesses and individuals who are expected to manage multiple accounts,...   Read More

Executable Compression

Executable compression is a process to reduce the size of an executable file while keeping it executable. The compressed file is smaller, which can save storage space and reduce transfer times. decompressing the file at runtime...   Read More

Encrypted Payload

Encrypted payload refers to a cybersecurity mechanism where malicious programs or viruses are hidden in an encoded form to evade detection by traditional antivirus software. Payloads or malware are used by cybercriminals to...   Read More

Evasive Malware

Evasive malware is a type of malicious software that is designed to evade detection or analysis by security measures like antivirus software. It may also employ tactics to actively thwart or compromise those measures, making it a...   Read More


Espionage is a term that describes the act of obtaining confidential or sensitive information without the knowledge or consent of the rightful owner. This form of illicit activity is used widely in corporate espionage, cyber...   Read More


Emulation is a cybersecurity technique for testing and analyzing potentially harmful software without actually running it on an operating system. It is used primarily by antivirus software to identify and evaluate the behavior of...   Read More

Enhanced security measures

Enhanced security measures refer to a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and tools implemented to strengthen the overall cybersecurity posture of an organization or individual. cyber threats are becoming more intense,...   Read More


An "extension" refers to a software component that is installed on a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. These extensions are designed to extend the functionality of the browser, adding useful...   Read More

Education and Awareness Training

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. The stakes are high, as cyberattacks can severely damage businesses and compromise individuals' sensitive information. To combat these threats, organizations,...   Read More

Encrypted Connection

In today's age of rapidly evolving technology, everything is interconnected through various networks and the internet. While connectivity has its benefits, it also has its share of security challenges. Threats like hacking,...   Read More

Email attachment scanner

Email Attachment Scanner: An Essential Tool for Cybersecurity and Antivirus Protection..In today's interconnected world, email remains one of the primary modes of communication, a fact that is not lost on cyber criminals...   Read More

Email threat prevention

Email continues to be an essential form of communication in both personal and business environments. At the same time, cyber threats are evolving every day and protecting email systems has become a critical challenge. Email...   Read More

Email attachment filter

Email attachment filters are essential components of modern-day cybersecurity and antivirus software. These filters protect against email-based malware and ensure that users do not accidentally download hazardous email...   Read More

Email malware scanner

Emails have become the central medium for communication in today's digital world. It has become an essential tool in providing essential support for any medium or large-sized organization. It is known that almost all...   Read More

Email notifications

Email notifications are messages that are sent through email to notify a user about various events or actions that occur within a system. These notifications are increasingly being used in the context of cybersecurity and...   Read More

Encrypted Cloud storage

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, the amount of data being produced has skyrocketed. This data is commonly referred to as “big data,” and while it can bring immense benefits to individuals and...   Read More

Encrypted hard drive

In today's world where data breaches and cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, it's crucial to protect sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Traditional methods of securing data such as passwords may not be enough...   Read More

Encrypted USB

When it comes to cybersecurity, one of the most critical things that individuals and organizations must consider is data protection and privacy. antivirus software is a must-have for protecting data from various forms of cyber...   Read More


Equifax is one of the world's largest consumer credit reporting agencies, with a market capitalization of over $15 billion. The company collects personal and financial data from millions of consumers around the world, including...   Read More


Experian is a global information services group that helps individuals and businesses manage and protect their data. With more than 16,000 employees operating in 37 countries, Experian provides a range of services related to...   Read More

Email spam filter

Email Spam Filter: Enhancing Your Cybersecurity and Antivirus Defense..As technology advances, cybercrime and online threats are becoming more complex than ever before. From identity theft to malware infections, online users...   Read More

Emergency contacts

The concept of an emergency contact represents a crucial element in modern society, specifically in digital security and antivirus programs. An emergency contact refers to someone whom an individual chooses to be notified in the...   Read More

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness has been defined as the measures taken to prepare for and respond to emergency situations. emergency preparedness extends beyond physical measures and includes cybersecurity measures. Ensuring the proper...   Read More

Encryption technology

Encryption technology is a crucial component of cybersecurity and antivirus. It refers to the practice of protecting data or information by converting it into a code or cipher. The idea behind this technology is to ensure that...   Read More

Email blocking

Email blocking, in the context of cybersecurity and antivirus, refers to the practice of preventing unwanted or malicious emails from entering a recipient's inbox. Many organizations and individuals face the problem of a flood of...   Read More

Email Security Gateway

Email Security Gateway..With the rise of cyber threats and data breaches, email security gateway has become an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to protect their email systems against advanced threats. An...   Read More


E-commerce: Cybersecurity and Antivirus..E-commerce has become one of the most profitable sectors in the contemporary world, encompassing billions of dollars in transactions. along with the boom of e-commerce come its many...   Read More

Encrypted Email

Encrypted email is defined as the process of securing the information sent and received through email communication. This is achieved through the use of encryption algorithms which convert the plain text email messages into...   Read More

Encrypted File Transfer

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, concerns about online security become increasingly important, forcing organizations to find new and more effective ways to safeguard data and sensitive information. One of the key...   Read More

Encrypted email scanning

Emails have been an essential part of communication, both in individual and corporate settings. Hackers have always found a way to profit from this medium by manipulating emails to spread malicious content and financial fraud....   Read More

Email backup

In today’s digital age, email has become one of the primary modes of communication for businesses and individuals alike. As such, email servers have been instrumental in bringing identity, organizational and technological...   Read More

External Drives

External drives are devices that are designed to expand the storage capacity of a computer system by providing additional space to store data. As computer usage increases, more data is being generated, thereby creating a pressing...   Read More

Easy setup and configuration

Cybersecurity has become an extremely important aspect of modern life, owing to the increasing trend towards digitization across multiple industries, the proliferation of interconnected devices and the growing volume of personal...   Read More

End-point protection

End-point protection, also known as endpoint security, involves securing endpoints like servers, laptops, desktops, and other mobile devices that are used to access a network. It is an approach towards cybersecurity that aims to...   Read More

Email Security Training

Email Security Training is a critical aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus efforts in any organization. With the increasing frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks that target email inboxes, it is crucial that organizations...   Read More

Email Authentication Protocols

Email authentication protocols are a set of methods and technologies used to verify the authenticity of emails, protect against fraudulent activities, and improve email deliverability. Cybersecurity and antivirus companies...   Read More

Easy Installation

Easy installation refers to the process of installing software on a computer system with minimal effort and expertise required from the user. easy installation is crucial for ensuring that users can protect their devices from...   Read More

Email Authenticity Checks

Email authentication checks are an important aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus protection. Essentially, these checks are designed to verify that an email was sent by the person or organization claimed to have sent it, and to...   Read More

Email and Web Protection

As technology has advanced and the use of digital platforms for communication and business has become more and more prevalent, cyber-security has become an important aspect of protecting private and sensitive information from...   Read More

Expiration date

The term "expiration date" is a commonly used term that refers to the lifetime of a software product. An expiration date represents the date and time when a software license or subscription expires and a user's access to the...   Read More

Email safety

Email has become an integral part of our daily lives, especially with the rise of remote working. With increased usage, the threats against email usage have also been on the rise, necessitating email safety measures to protect...   Read More


The concept of "easy-to-use" has gained significant importance in recent years. With the growing prevalence and sophistication of online threats, there is a dire need for security solutions that are not only efficient in...   Read More


Enhancement in the Context of Cybersecurity and Antivirus..In the world of cybersecurity and antivirus systems, the term “enhancement” refers to a process of improving, developing, or strengthening the efficacy of these...   Read More

Encrypted DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical part of the internet used to translate domain names into IP addresses, allowing users to access webpages and applications that are hosted on remote servers. Without DNS, users would need...   Read More

Exclusions List

In today's digitally powered age, there is an ever-growing need for cybersecurity measures. Enterprises, businesses, and individuals equally need to utilize modern solutions and best practices to protect themselves against...   Read More

Encryption Policy

One important concept is that of encryption policies. Encryption policies define how a system encrypts sensitive data, how access to that data is restricted, and how information is decrypted. In order to protect sensitive data...   Read More

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a rapidly growing technology that promises to revolutionize the way we handle and process data. It refers to the practice of processing data at the edge of the network, closer to the source, rather than sending...   Read More

Enhanced gaming experience

As the gaming industry continues to evolve and attract more players, it becomes increasingly crucial to ensure that the games and associated systems offer an enhanced gaming experience that levitates above potential security...   Read More

Email Support

With the increasing sophistication of malware, hackers are accommodating emerging methodologies for propagating security hazards in computer devices and networks. One of the common processes employed by modern-day hackers is...   Read More


Energy-efficient technology refers to the reduced use of energy while performing a specific task or activity. The primary aim of energy efficiency is to lower the amount of energy consumed without affecting performance, to reduce...   Read More

Ethical hacking

Over the past decade, cybersecurity has become a critical topic for all organizations that rely on technology to maintain their operations, financial information, and sensitive data from hackers. Governments,...   Read More

Endpoint Management

Endpoint management is a critical component of overall cybersecurity strategy and refers to the process of managing and maintaining secure access to an organization's network through devices connected to said network. the growth...   Read More


E-discovery is a process that involves gathering, reviewing, and producing electronic information that is necessary for legal proceedings. It is effective not only in legal cases but also in cybersecurity investigations, software...   Read More

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