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"Graylist" is an essential term within the fields of cybersecurity and antivirus systems. This term surfaces quite frequently when talking about defending computer systems and networks from damaging digital threats like viruses,...   Read More

Gateway antivirus

In the inherent realm of cybersecurity and antivirus, one concept that sharply stands out is a 'Gateway Antivirus'. As the name suggests, the gateway antivirus serves as the star gatekeeper in the extensive world of information...   Read More

Generic detection

Generic detection, in cybersecurity context, particularly in antivirus solutions, refers to the safeguarding technique used to identify malicious software based on specific behavioral traits or programming code common among a...   Read More

Geographic Restriction

Geographic restriction, otherwise known as geoblocking, is a technique frequently used in online business and cyber security. It allows organisations to control and regulate the accessibility, display, and use of digital content...   Read More


"Grayware" is typically an umbrella term used to categorize a wide variety of unwanted and obtrusive software such as adware, spyware, keyloggers, and browser helper objects; it is a constant buzzword in the world of...   Read More

Gaming mode

Gaming mode is a feature provided by cybersecurity and antivirus products to enhance user experience while gaming without compromising system security. It is designed to ensure that your system security is intact while...   Read More


In cybersecurity and antivirus contexts, the term "gamemode" has a special significance. While the literal definition of "gamemode" in gaming is known as a distinct way that players can interact with a game, it takes a heightened...   Read More

Genuine Software

Genuine software refers to a legitimate and legal copy of software that is licensed and sanctioned by the proper copyright holders. Conceived and developed by an authorized entity, it includes a license for end-user use, and...   Read More

Geneva mechanism

The Geneva mechanism, in the field of mechanical engineering, is a system of interconnected devices that translates the continuous motion of a gear or pole into intermittent motion of another gear or pole. This may seem...   Read More

GandCrab ransomware

GandCrab ransomware is a malicious software designed to shut out users from accessing their own data and systems unless a ransom is paid. The ransomware gets its name from its creator (GandCrab), which propagates this software...   Read More


Gootkit is a sophisticated form of malware that is infamous within the world of cybersecurity and antivirus. It falls more specifically into the category known as banking Trojans – a form of cyber threat designed to steal...   Read More


A Graphics Processing Unit, commonly known as a GPU, is a piece of hardware integral to modern computers that predominantly focuses on rendering images and animations by processing data in parallel forms. The primary role of the...   Read More

Gift Card Scam

A Gift Card Scam is a fraudulent scheme that tricks unsuspecting victims into paying criminals through gift cards. it exploits the kind-heartedness or naivety of individuals, resulting in them being robbed of their funds. This...   Read More

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a powerful security feature developed by Google to elevate the paradigm of cyber protection for Google account users. Operating under a multi-factor authentication model, Google Authenticator enhances...   Read More


The Gallium Cipher Mode (GCM) refers to a method of encrypting and authenticating data utilized in cybersecurity. In particular, this method is deployed in software and hardware where both confidentiality and integrity matter...   Read More


Greylisting is a method utilized in fighting spam or essentially unsolicited email in online communication. Over the years, our reliance on digital communication has exponentially increased, yet it has fostered an environment for...   Read More

GPS Spoofing

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has revolutionized navigation and tracking systems worldwide since its inception. This technology allows the convenience of pinpointing the exact location of a certain device by...   Read More


Graylisting is a technique used in computer security, particularly in the area of email communication, to fight against unwanted spam. Often incorporated as part of a mail server's defense mechanism, this temporary rejection...   Read More


Greylisting is an effective strategy used in cybersecurity approaches and especially inside antivirus mechanisms to control spamming and prevent networks and individuals from malicious attacks. The method broadly corresponds to...   Read More

Geotracking protection

Geotracking, also referred to as geolocation tracking or GPS tracking, is a real-time process of locating a device, vehicle, or a person anywhere in the world. It is a process aided by multiple technologies concerning Global...   Read More

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