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Web security

"Web security" refers to a set of rules, measures, and protocols designed to safeguard web and internet-infused systems from cyber threats. With it is essential in protecting vital information and data supplied by users across...   Read More

Webcam protection

Webcam protection refers to a set of security measures taken to prevent unauthorized access to a camera embedded in or connected to a computer system. it denotes the safeguarding of a webcam from digital threats, such as...   Read More

Website blocking

Website blocking refers to a practice commonly deployed in the realm of cybersecurity where access to certain websites or a group of websites is restricted or barred. Access can be barred due to a variety of reasons, largely...   Read More

White-listing And Blacklisting

White-listing and blacklisting are both prominent cybersecurity strategies used in various ways, including securing email servers, enhancing firewalls, supplementing antiviruses, and maintaining software operations. These...   Read More

Worm Removal

Worm removal refers to the effective process of detecting, quarantelling, and removing computer worms that are in a computer system, network, or an individual device such as a computer, smartphone or any other mobile devices....   Read More

Web and Email Protection

Web and Email Protection is a fundamental aspect of cybersecurity and antivirus measures implemented to safeguard the integrity and privacy of sensitive information involved in electronic communication conducted via web and...   Read More

Web application security

Web Application Security is a critical aspect of information security relating to the integrated measures and protocols put in place to secure application software from any form of cyber threats throughout its lifecycle....   Read More

Wireless security

Wireless security pertains to the measures undertaken to protect networks, systems, and devices that operate on wireless technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from various cyber threats. Just like traditional wired networks,...   Read More

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a critical feature in the field of cybersecurity and antivirus. It is a firewall that filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP and HTTPS internet traffic to and from web applications. WAF...   Read More

Windows rootkit

A Windows rootkit is a software program designed to provide unauthorized access or control over a computer system without being detected by users or antivirus programs. Rootkits are often linked to cyber threats, such as botnets...   Read More

Worm virus

A worm virus refers to a type of malicious software (malware) program whose primary function is to infect other computers while remaining active on infected systems. The term "virus" is synonymous with malicious software; a worm...   Read More

Wiper malware

Wiper malware is a type of malicious software, designed to delete data or even an entire file system from the target's computer without their consent. Their characteristic feature is the destructive potential that differentiates...   Read More

Web-based Malware

Web-based malware, a term heavily used in the world of cybersecurity and antivirus solutions, is a term that describes a diverse family of malicious software that exploits the internet or network connections to perform malicious...   Read More


Wrappers are significant elements within the HisentenceAnnotationtextiles world of cybersecurity technologies and anti-virus software. Their overall purpose is to encapsulate some elements of software or code in an extra set of...   Read More

Web-based attack

A web-based attack refers to conducts that, by the use of the Internet, attempt to disrupt, control, or access unauthorized information from an individual’s or a corporation’s computer system. These vigorous information...   Read More


In the realm of cybersecurity and antivirus protection, there is a myriad of terms and phrases thrown around. One such term that you might have come across is "Windows_Mac." Despite this software's name, it doesn't imply a fusion...   Read More


"WannaCry" is a malicious encryption-based cyberthreat that emerged and shook the world of cybersecurity in mid-May 2017. As a type of computer virus known as ransomware, WannaCry was a formidable exemplar, as it incited global...   Read More


Webinjects refers to a significant cybersecurity threat recognized in various internet ecosystems, one that particularly scars the banking industry due to illicit online losses. They are functions or payloads usually delivered by...   Read More

Web Threat

The concept of a "Web Threat" is a crucial component. A Web threat is any potential danger that can cause harm to a computer system, network, or web environment's safety and privacy. These threats manifest in various forms, such...   Read More

Whaling attack

A "whaling attack" is a type of phishing scam that primarily targets high-ranking individuals within an organization such as CEOs, CFOs, or other executives. The term "whaling" was coined due to the size of the targets relative...   Read More

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