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Obfuscate Control Flow

Obfuscate control flow is a sophisticated technique employed with whereby a piece of code is intentionally made more complicated to analyze or understand. This technique is symptomatic of the perpetual arms race between hackers...   Read More

One-time password (OTP)

A One-Time Password (OTP) is a secure and effective method deployed in many facets of cybersecurity to validate a user's identity for a single session or transaction. It is common in antivirus applications and various...   Read More

Online scanner

"Online Scanner" is a tool used primarily for identification, detection, and removal of malicious software and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) from devices connected to the internet. This concept extends beyond static...   Read More

On-going maintenance

On-going maintenance is a critical routine of preserving the stability and safety of computer systems and network infrastructure, aimed at preventing potential security breaches and malfunctions. This involves handling any...   Read More

Opt-in/out preference

In the realm of cybersecurity and antivirus systems, "Opt-in_out preference" refers to an essential modus operandi related to how users express their consent or non-consent towards a particular service. This method primarily...   Read More

Onsite backup

Onsite backup is a critical aspect of data security strategy. Predominantly, it involves storing copies of your data on a local server or storage device, within your business premises. It’s a popular practice in the...   Read More

Online Harassment Prevention

Online harassment prevention is a multilayered discipline aimed at ensuring internet safety while preserving users' overall digital wellbeing as comprehensively as possible. Its goal is to reduce and prevent cyberbullying,...   Read More

Onion Sites

Onion sites, a critical component in the landscape of cybersecurity and antivirus measures, are essentially websites that are accessible only on the Tor network (The Onion Router), a network generously hosted by volunteers...   Read More

Outbound filtering

Outbound filtering is a crucial component of cybersecurity that, while less publicized than its counterpart, inbound filtering, plays a significant role in ensuring network security and data integrity. The concept of outbound...   Read More

Online Tracking

Online tracking, with pertains to the methods and policies utilized to gather browsing and personal data across potentially vast networks of information. Online tracking facilitates the monitoring of online activities, personal...   Read More


"Outbreak" within the context of cybersecurity and antivirus refers to an abrupt and widespread spread of a malicious program or virus on a computer network, corporate system or even on a global scale. This proliferation of...   Read More

Operating system update

An operating system update, also known as OS update, is a form of software enhancement and remediation designed to fix or patch security vulnerabilities, enhance functionality, and implement new features in a computer system....   Read More

OpenPGP standard

OpenPGP is an open-source cybersecurity standard used by various organizations and individuals for encryption and decryption, and digital signing of data. This cybersecurity standard utilizes public key cryptography, data...   Read More

Online Transactions

Online transactions refer to financial transactions conducted over the internet, which primarily involve monetary exchanges facilitated by digital systems. This type of transaction can include various activities such as online...   Read More


In cybersecurity and antivirus context, OTP stands for 'One-Time Password'. It is a commonly-used security feature designed to protect digital systems from unauthorized access, phishing attacks, identity theft, and other...   Read More

Operating System Compatibility

Operating System Compatibility refers to the capacity of an application, program, hardware, or software, to function appropriately with a particular system or an assortment of systems. the compatibility of operating systems...   Read More


OpenVPN is a well-respected software application that creates encrypted Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). OpenVPN plays a pivotal role in protecting data as it's transmitted over public networks. It has emerged as a popular and...   Read More

Online Safety Tips

Understanding the concept of "Online Safety Tips" is indispensable in our digital world today. The internet brings convenience and resources to our fingertips, but with it also comes a set of risks due to cybercriminal...   Read More

Optimization tools

Optimization tools are software or system utilities designed specifically with the responsibility of improving system performance and efficiency. They operate by detecting, identifying, and mitigating loopholes in the system or...   Read More

Optimized performance

Optimized performance in the context of cybersecurity and antivirus relates to the highest level of functioning derived from cybersecurity software. Implementing cybersecurity can have significant overhead on the system...   Read More

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